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Payroll Service


Your Payroll is dedicated to taking away the worry of paying wages correctly and on time whilst complying with the ever-increasing burden of payroll legislation.

The service takes care of all aspects and for an affordable,  flat rate fee with no hidden extras, we will:

  • Register you as an employer with HMRC and act as your agent with them
  • Calculate your employee’s pay in accordance with your instructions
  • Process tax, national insurance contributions and statutory payments
  • Produce pay slips and distribute either by post to you or direct to your PA’s, via secure online log on
  • Produce P60’s each year plus P45’s for employees who leave
  • Ensure you comply Real Time Information regulations and act on your behalf in all dealings with HMRC
  • Access your annual entitlement to Employment Allowance (up to £3,000 saving on NI)
  • Produce payroll statements and reports for HMRC and direct payments audit purposes
  • Provide a telephone help and advice line for any queries


YP Workie

We will:

  • Act as your point of contact with the Pensions Regulator
  • Provide letters and information to your employees
  • Set up a suitable pensions scheme (usually with NEST)
  • Process pensions contributions for you and your employees
  • Manage the payments to your pension provider
  • Help you keep on top of your ongoing responsibilities

Your Payroll is tailored to your personal needs and we make everything simple and straightforward.  There is a standard fee regardless of the number of PA’s you may employ

Set up is quick and easy. Simply call us on 0151 949 5442. We will send you an information pack and can get your service started within 2 weeks

Your Payroll is part of Knowsley Disability Concern and we have been supporting people for more than 30 years.  We understand the challenges you face as a new employer and will always be on hand to help.