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Autism Awareness


Dates:           all dates full for 2017

Duration:    3hrs.

Time:    9.30 am – 12.30 am



Relevant legislation & guidance

It is essential to staff roles that autism awareness training is available to everyone working in health or social care, including staff carrying out community care assessments and those working within the criminal justice sector.

Autism awareness should also be part of the core training curricula for doctors, nurses and other clinicians.

Target Audience

All front-line staff

Learning Outcomes

·       Definition of autism. (UR Consultant Theory and NAS)

·       Autism Act 2009 and guidance

·       Theory in terms of the triad of impairments. ( social imagination, communication and           interaction)

·       Process for diagnosis and barriers to getting a diagnosis.

.       Sets out key facts, factors and myths.

.       Key characteristics including routines and savant syndrome.

.       Sensory impairments.

.       Behaviour and anxieties.

Refresher Period

Every three years.

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