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Lone Working

Date: 11th October 2016




Learning Outcomes

  • State the employers legal compliance for lone workers under Health and Safety Legislation.
  • State the possible effects of violence or aggression at work and describe an employers’ responsibilities to take measures to support staff.
  • Define personal safety and state why it is important.
  • Reviewing and reinforcing your Lone Worker Policy and Safe Systems of Work.
  • Recognise the importance of reporting and recording incidents of violence and aggression.
  • Assessing risks to personal safety on a daily basis especially in relation to solitary working.
  • Describe early warning signs of aggression and violence.
  • Identifying potential areas of risk to lone worker (lone working in a building, 1:1 meetings, home visits, out in the community, travel etc.)
  • Keeping in touch with others – how to summon help in an emergency.
  • Explain best practice strategies for reducing and controlling personal safety risks.
  • Use at least three strategies for de-escalation and diffusion.
  • Put knowledge into action with a personal plan for improving personal safety at work.

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