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Mental Health Interventions

Dates: 21st October 2016, 10th February 2017.




Learning Outcomes:

  • What is understood by positive mental health.
  • Recognise the indicators of resilience.
  • Understand the spectrum effect of wellness to health.
  • Compare and contrast Neuroses with Psychoses.
  • Define terminology including: ‘Anxiety, Obsession, Depression, Mania.’
  • Be familiar with other terminology including: ‘Cognitive, Affective, Delusion, Hallucination.’
  • Will understand the major signs and symptoms of the main types of mental ill health.
  • Will be able to describe some of the impact poor health has on people’s lives.
  • Outline some of the interventions used in mental health including: Talking Therapies, Drugs, their rationale and major side effects.
  • Discuss other issues such as Electro Convulsive Therapy and some controversial treatments.
  • Understand the Five Ways to Wellbeing and the Wheel of Mental Health.

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