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The employing personal assistants toolkit guides you through the process of employing a personal assistant, what to do when they are working for you as well as helping you to understand your responsibilities as an employer and your legal obligations. There are some really useful templates that you can use such as job descriptions, application forms and contracts of employment.

The toolkit is split into key sections:



























Interactive version

An online interactive version of the employing personal assistants toolkit is now available. This enables you to search and immediately access the information you are most interested in. It contains links to different sections within the toolkit and the useful templates. There are also links to organisations you can access for more support and information and you can still download the individual booklets and templates

Training Your Personal Assistant

Regardless of your situation, this interactive guide is designed to answer questions about learning new skills, inform you about different aspects of employing a personal assistant and provide external information, which you may find useful now or in the future. It also includes learning topics that may be beneficial to your own development, as an employer.  Click on the icon (left) to go to the Skills for Care interactive guide.


Individual employer funding

People who employ their own care staff (individual employers), can apply for funding from Skills for Care to cover the full cost of care related training and development of both themselves and their personal assistants. For more information visit Skills for Care – Funding


To order a hard copy of the toolkit please email marketing@skillsforcare.org.uk

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