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Title Employer Closing Date
Personal Assistant D Carr 01/08/2017
Personal Assistant L32 ref: 69843 Kirkby M E 31/07/2017
Personal Assistant 154878 Kirkby NB Ref 154878 31/07/2017
Personal Assistant L36 :ref:169124 Huyton R Lawler 31/07/2017
Personal Assistant195064 Stockbridge Village MR D W 195064 31/07/2017
Personal Assistant183288 Kirkby Gerrard Dickinson 183288 31/07/2017
Personal Assistant 180019 Huyton Lilly Naylor 180019 31/07/2017
Personal Assistant - L18 Kathryn Holt 31/07/2017
Personal Assistant 37438 Kirkby Mary Kelly 37438 31/07/2017
PA BANK COVER JSBarnes 15/07/2017
PA Julie Bird 07/07/2017
Personal Assistant (WA10) Catherine 30/06/2017
care work carol gunning 29/06/2017
Support Work (L32) carol gunning 10/06/2017
Male Live in carer available Private 01/06/2017
PA/Housekeeper Colette Kirkwood 31/03/2017
Personal Assistant (PA) 195064 Rose Cook (DW) 29/03/2017
personal assistant chris collinson 28/02/2017
PA Drew Thompson 17/02/2017
Personal Assistant Nicholas Pardo 31/01/2017
Personal Assistant David Roderick 30/01/2017
PA - L14/Broadgreen Debbie 30/11/2016
PA/Carer - L36 Neil Carroll 30/10/2016
PA/Carer/Waking Nights - L36 Neil Carroll 30/10/2016
Personal Assistant for Autistic Man L36 5RY Chris Leahey 30/10/2016
Personal Assistant (s) - WA8 Vinny 21485 30/09/2016
Personal Assistant - L35 Ruth McDowall 30/09/2016
PA - L34 William Ackerley 30/09/2016
PA Stephanie Haughey 28/02/2017

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