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Job Title
Personal Assistant for Autistic Man L36 5RY
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Job Description
Personal duties:

Assist with personal care routine when required
Domestic duties: General assistance within his own home to prepare and cook a meal.

Social Duties:
Accompany me when out in my local community;
assist me to access health and fitness facilities on a regular basis.
Shop for clothing and assist with budgeting when in the community.
Accompany me to occasional social events and travel to places further afield when required. Support me to use public transport safely.
Accompany me when out with my dog in the wider community.
These duties may vary from day to day.
Any other reasonable duties that may be necessary.
Tuesday , Thursday and Saturday during the day .
Flexible hours to be mutually agreed.
Ideally working hours will be spread over the course of each week up to 18 hours maximum per week
Additional Info
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Contact Details
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Closing Date

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