DatesTBC for 2018

Duration: 1 day

Times: 9.30 – 4.30

Venue: The Halewood Centre


This is an advanced course for practitioners and you must first attend autism awareness

Learning Outcomes;

  • Revision and extension of autism awareness including respectful terminology, spectrum concept, definitions, key characteristics, prevalence and common co-occurring conditions.
  • Changing and developing views of autism including additional characteristics, sensory differences and issues around diagnosis. (1 and 2 taken together fulfill SfC Autism Skills and Knowledge basic level)
  • Understand (at a non-specialist level) how to recognise when clients might be on the autistic spectrum. ( practical application – going beyond the basic diagnostic description of autism to understand and recognise actual presentation in day to day practice)
  • Understand the requirements of the current legal framework (including the Care Act, the Adult Autism Strategy and the Children and Families Act) relating to social care assessment for individuals who are or may be on the autism spectrum. (e.g Care Act 2014 Assessment regulation 5)
  • Become aware of the types of adjustments which may make the social care system more accessible for an autistic individual. ( Care Act Guidance 6.37-38; Equality Act 2010; Autism Strategy statutory guidance chapter 6, SEND Code of Practice 2015 9.92)
  • Understand how to support the involvement of autistic clients in the social care process including how the Care Act requirements around advocacy and communication specialists may apply in relation to autistic clients. (Care Act s.67/68, Guidance 6.23, Regulations 5 and 9 of the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014)

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