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PA - Intimate care, Personal care & Admin social support
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Looking for either a single PA to cover all three elements of care needed, or can consider job share with split roles / hours, between a couple of PA's with relevant experience / skills as listed below -
for a Mature female with complex health / disabilities living in L12

1. Intimate care - looking for applicant with medical experience / intimate care experience
• Toileting irrigation
• Body wash
• Ulcer / wound dressing
• Prep & maintenance / cleaning of medical
equipment. Preparation of medicines

2. Personal Care - looking for applicant with experience of home / personal care support.
• Assistance getting up & dressed, Hair wash
• At Home support - lunch / tea preparation / home care - housework / washing dishes / laundry household / clothing / general at home support needs

3. Social & Admin support - looking for organised, IT aware, sociable applicant
• Home admin - correspondence mail / email / paperwork
• Social support - attending events, doctor / shopping / appointments / social occasions.
£7.50 per hour

1. Intimate care - 15 hours over 6 days - min 2 hrs a day / max 3 hrs subject to needs on the day ( timing to be agreed but late morning 11am-1pm aprox ) flexibility on days can be agreed.

2. Personal care 5hours per week flexible over 3 days subject to daily needs - late morning / early afternoon

3. Social & admin, support 10 hours per week over 3 or 4 days, in the afternoon / early evening, days / times flexibility needed on occasion, can be agreed / set as needed weekly.
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Liverpool North
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