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Hi there everyone, I am Mark and I live in Liverpool. I live in my own bungalow, I have my personal assistants 24-7 for support but they are not carers for me as I have my own mind and I make my own decisions. They just help me to achieve that. I am a 48-year-old man. I have a rare form of cerebral palsy (CP) known as “athetoid”. This affects 10% of people diagnosed with CP. This means that my muscles are affected in a way that causes involuntary motions/movements. I have trouble holding an upright position when seated, I am unable to stand up. I am also unable to hold any objects, have some difficulty when eating and drinking, and have non-verbal communication. However, I am not your typical person with this type of impairment by far. Because I got a tendency to have a really good life of nefarious debauchery and illicit shenanigans. Therefore, I am an easy person to get along with who likes to have a laugh and giggle.

all aspects of personal care is required like for example dressing, feeding, toileting, and washing. Giving medication. House work is also required.
I am looking for a personal assistant for two weekends or three a month. It depends on the month because some months are longer than others. The hourly rate of pay is £8.91 per hour.

It is £213.84 for one 24 hours shift. This is before income tax, national insurance, and pension contributions.
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