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Application ends: 30/08/2024
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Job Description

I’m looking for a personal assistant to cover some hours in the mornings during the week. I have autism and ADHD. I need help with daily routine and personal care including showering and changing incontinence pads and bedding. I am friendly and sociable. I am 33 years old. I also need some support with managing meal times (making sure I eat and helping me to make healthy choices and I am safe in the kitchen). I can prepare food but I often miss meals due to my disability.

I have mental health issues as well as my disabilities which mean that I can struggle with basic tasks such as getting out of bed and getting myself dressed in a reasonable time, so some support is required in this area. I also don’t always wear clean clothes and choose the appropriate clothing.

I like to go for walks and to the gym and some support with that would also be handy (if you can swim that’s useful, as I like to go swimming or to the pictures).

For more information please ask.

10 per week
4 Norley Place, Halewood, Knowsley
L26 9XF
Job Type
Working with children with ADHD/Autism